Critic Views on Dr. Suryabala's Collection.
Critics Views on Dr. Suryabala's books.

  • Dr.Dharmvir Bharti(Eminent Scholar)
"...I'am overwhelmed to see your command over language & deep sensitivity..."
  • Bhanu Kale (Editor of Antarnadh who translated one of her short stories in Marathi - Gachi Varun) ..... writes about her Short Stories.
"...It is one of the best short story I have read for a long time. I particularly appreciated the underplaying of emotions, the subtlety in depicting even an intense experience. The language is superb..." -25 July ' 96
  • Bhishm Sahani (Renowned Hindi writer) ..... writes about Griha Pravesh.
"...Your short stories are memorable in my life. The terror depicted in the story dismays me and recalls me the trauma of partition. This insecurity has become a part of day-to-day life where the families have become ambigous to their surroundings..." - 22 February ' 94
  • Prakar (Magzine) ..... writes about Griha Pravesh.
"...Story of cooling embers of emotion..."
  • Kamleshwar (Renowned Writer and editor of Sarika) ..... writes about her short stories.
"...I appreciate your writings, and expect much better literature from you in coming years ..."
- 14 June ' 74
  • Kathan (Hindi Magazine of Literature & Culture) ..... writes about her writings.
"...Your writings are  worthy to be praised and it'll be our pleasure to publish them in our magazine..." 
- 12 April ' 99
  • Naseera Sharma (Writer, Scholar & Iran Expert) ..... writes about Yamini Katha.
"...The book is really a gem of its type. It seems as if your writings act as a lighthouse for the reader, guiding him to know, to understand the essence of life. Life being full of pain, hardship, sorrow but still on the other hand, always has something to rejoice for..." - 27 Jan ' 94
  • Kathanak(Magzine) ..... writes about Yamini Katha.
"...A Lady treading ahead on hot sand..."
  • Sunita Agarwal(Writer) ..... writes about Yamini Katha.
"...A tragic story of a broken women..."
  • Dharmyug(A Hindi magazine) ..... writes about her & her writings.
"...Inspite of the fact that she has spend most of her life behind four walls, still she has delivered a lot to Hindi literature. Her origin dates back to the eighties, has become a well-known name of the nineties..."
- 15 April ' 91
  • Afternoon (Newspaper) ..... writes about Thali Bhar Chand.
"...Waltzing tales in window dresser..."
  • Mrs.Anand Shukla (Fan of Dr.Suryabala) ..... writes about Mere Sandhi Patra.
"...I couldn't sleep whole night after reading your novel and kept thinking about Shiva (Heroine of novel Mere Sandhi Patra)..."
  • Dr.Pushpa Bharti 
"...I cried bitterly after reading your short story Aakhri Vida."
  • Dr.Chandrakant Bandiwadekar(Eminent Critic of Marathi & Hindi Literature)
"...Her stories are embellished with wonderment - Suryabala ki kahaniyon mein ek anuthi sadgi aur mithas milti hain -  Satire, Pathos, Contradiction & light humour are the main factors of her stories & novels ..."
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